EXPORT price

EXPORT price from 18 July 2019 

Send fish poducts to countries: China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Eropean Union.

We work by L/C!
Product Description Price in rubles per killogram. On terms FOB.
Pink Salmon WR bag 144
Pink Salmon WR Gutted M, bag 145
Pink Salmon WR Gutted L, bag 147
Pink Salmon HG Gutted bag 160
Pollock WR 30cm+, bag 75
Pollock HG 20cm+, bag 101
Pollock HG 25cm+, bag 104
Pollock HG 30cm+, bag 107
Navaga HG 17+ 94
Squid bag 90
Cod HG IQF, 1kg-, box 175
Cod HG IQF, 1kg+, box 185
 Fin Sole (Rock Sole) WR  25+ 123 
 Fin Sole (Rock Sole) WR  30+ 126

Conditions CFR are paid in addition 0,1/kg 

If you did not find the fish products you need in the price list, we will quickly select the assortment you are interested in. If necessary, we provide a full range of logistics services.  


We offer you cooperation, as a result of which you receive goods from Russia with a discount of 2-4% of the market value!             




Director: Yarunin Konstantin 

E-mail: mega-fish@mail.ru

Phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat: +7-903-912-89-72

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